Swiftcover Car Insurance Number – 0843 487 1860

Swiftcover Car InsuranceWhen you need to make a car insurance claim the last that you want to have happened is for the process to last a long time. As the name suggests Swiftcover Car Insurance is an insurance plan which is designed to offer speedy resolutions of car insurance claims – all of which can be explained by the Swiftcover contact numbers.

Key Benefits Of Swiftcover Car Insurance

Swiftcover unique value proposition is the ability to report and track any car insurance claim online. The advantage of this is that you are able to make claims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being able to make a claim solely online also means that you can avoid dealing with call centre representatives. There is also no need to turn up in person in order to make your car insurance claim.

Another benefit to Swiftcover is the free collection and delivery of the vehicle if you make a car insurance claim. This means that you can designate to have your car collected from where ever is most convenient. Your car will be returned to you cleaned inside and prepared.

SwiftCover allows you to print documents as soon as you purchase the car insurance. You can also view, renew and make amendments to your policy online. There are no administration fees when making changes or renewals using SwiftCover online access.

Types Of Coverage Available

Swiftcover offers two basic types of car covers. These are comprehensive car insurance and third-party fire and theft car insurance. With comprehensive car insurance, you are covered both for damage to you and your vehicle as well as damage to other people’s cars and property. You are also covered for repairs and replacement if your car is stolen. With third-party fire and theft car insurance, you are covered for damage to other people’s cars and property. However, damage to your car will not be covered.

How To Make A Claim

You can make a Swiftcover car insurance claim online twenty-four hours a day or by calling the toll-free telephone number 0843 487 1860. SwiftCover recommends making a claim as soon as possible after the accident. They also suggest they should take details of the other vehicles, passengers witnesses and drivers involved. It is a good idea to take photos of the car and accident scene. When making your policy claim it is useful to have your policy number which you can find in your Swift Space.